Friday, July 5, 2013

2 months already!

We need to freeze this baby right where he is! I've said this with all my babies, but Sam's first few months are flying even faster than the others! And I wanted them to slow down, so he needs to just freeze altogether for like a year. Seriously, I'd like him to be just like he is for another year or two. Anybody know anything about making that possible?

Sam is such an easy baby, filled with smiles and coos- he loves being held and cuddled but will sit just fine in his swing or bouncy seat when I need my hands. He's a great napper- even if the naps are on the go- and an even better night time sleeper-- we're talking at least 9-10 hours at night without eating, whaaaa??!! He sleeps swaddled tightly in his swaddle blanket and he also sleeps on his side most of the time, in a positioner. He really wanted to sleep on his tummy, but I'm too much of a rule follower/ worrier for that, so I opted for the "middle" which was side sleeping. I really do have a lot of fear around SIDS but I know it's not something I can control- I just have to do what I decide is best for my baby and trust the LORD. I know it it my head, it's just easier said than done! Anyway, he is starting to sleep on his back more, but before I know it, it will be time to break the swaddle and he'll probably find a way to end up on his tummy anyway, ha! He also sleeps with a sound machine, as all the boys still do, which is primarily so they will keep sleeping despite house noises and brother noises... which are at a high in these parts all the time! And he is my most hot-natured child to date and sleeps with his fan going and his room really chilly. It makes me happy too... wonder where he got that? :)

Sam's hair is always a conversation starter... mainly because he has so much of it and it's stark white AND it tends to stick straight up or out, depending on the day! If we let it get dirty enough, it will lay down, or if Jack gives him enough sloppy kisses then that seems to do the trick too. But I do love running my hand over his head and smelling him and just altogether nuzzling his head, so I can't say I blame Jack :) Jack is still the most affectionate with the baby, always wanting to see him and "hold it" and "Kiss" "one more" etc.... and this is multiple times a day and has not let up since birth! Max is great with the baby, very helpful and loves to be "put in charge" while I run to do something. He always tells me that he will take care of Sam and then he's quick to bring him his paci or find it in the swing if it's popped out. Gabe isn't all over the baby like the other two, but when no one's paying attention, he chats with the baby and is on paci brigade in the car. Really, Gabe has no tolerance for the baby crying so always wants to jump out of his seatbelt to fix the problem, but I won't let him unless we're stopped which is hard on him! But again, there is not an inhabitant in this house that doesn't ohh and ahhh over the baby- he's quite popular in these parts!

Sam's typical schedule starts around 7am when he eats, and then goes straight back to bed. Then he eats at 9am, noon, 3p, 6p, and 9p each day. About an hour after each feeding, he heads for a 2 hour nap, except for the 6p feeding, when I don't let him nap, although he'd like to! He may doze in our arms or in his swing, but no more than 20 minutes before I move his position just because I don't want it to get to a deep sleep. He gets a bath around 8:30 every night and then some cuddles and whispers from me or Chad until his last feeding. He is such a doll baby that just typing this makes me excited for bed time tonight- ah, love him! I am trying to move his bedtime up a little bit, without dropping any feedings because he still needs to eat 6 times a day, but I haven't figured out the best way to do that yet-- especially because we're all so used to these feed times, it makes it easy. It's hard to mess with something that's working so well!

Sam is slowly but surely outgrowing all his newborn clothes too! I really need to pack up a bin and get out the next, but I'm delaying as much as possible- I just need this baby to stop growing. On his 2 month day, we went to his pediatrician for his well check. He was perfect and they oogled him as expected :) Unfortunately, when you are well, that also means you get shots- boo. I have yet to do the vaccines the same way for any of the boys, but won't get into all that! Basically- I just do what I have decided is best at the time, for each of them. I am all in favor of vaccines, I just spread them out a little here and there and opt to wait until later on a few, etc... and we have a great doctor who talks through it all with me and helps me arrive at my decision. Here are Sam's stats from the visit:

Height: 22 3/4 (almost 75th percentile)
Weight: 11 lbs 3oz (50th percentile)
Head: 40cm (50th percentile and our smallest head to date in the family!)

Compared to Jack who was 10 lbs and 12oz and 21.7 inches at his 2 month appointment, and Max who was 11 lbs 15oz and 22.75 inches long. Jack is our little guy, but he was also 5 weeks early and had actually doubled his birth weight by 2 months!

Oh our dear Sam- we love you like crazy and the addition that you are to our family is perfection! You have melted me in way I didn't know was possible and I thought your brothers had already taking care of this completely. I love how my heart always has enough room to love a whole new person completely and crazily! I love talking with you and how my face makes you smile always- I wish I could clone you and pass you around to anyone having a bad day, you would cheer them up instantly! I'm so grateful that God gave me you- you are a gift! I love you more than you'll ever know, and that's true of your Daddy too! But what's even truer and bigger and perfect is God's love for you- I can't wait to tell you all about as you grow! Happy 2 months my baby Sam!

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