Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy 1 Month Baby Sam

I can't believe our sweet baby Sam is already a month old! He's been a precious angel since day 1. I keep waiting for vampire baby, up all night baby, scream through dinner baby, but nope, just perfect baby! If he gets "fussy" it's this level of fussy that can barely even qualify and it's easily fixed with a few minutes in mommy's arms. He is rarely needed and he's a great sleeper. And when it's awake time, those baby blues are so precious that I just want to kiss his cheeks incessantly! His skin is oh so soft and we're working hard to fatten the lil man up! He was born at 7lbs 1oz, and dropped to 6 lbs 15oz. At his 2 week check up, he was 8lbs 8oz and that's when they just want you back to your birth weight! And then at 3 weeks, when we were at the ENT for the tongue/ lip tie clipping, he was already 9lbs 2 oz!! And one week later, I can't even imagine, because he looks so much fuller... just like mama ordered :)

Sam eats aroudn 7am, 9am, 12p, 3p, 6p, and 9p, and then we usually don't hear from him until around 3am- perfection. After his 7am feeding, he wants to go straight back to sleep, but after the others, he'll stay up and look around and smile at us and I just eat him up. Jack and Max are especially smitten with him, and comes around for all the awake times, supplying lots of kisses and pointing out things about him. And although Gabe isn't usually drooling all over him during the day, he loves showing him off when we're out and about and is quick to spout off all his stats-- he knows his exact age, how big he is, and anything anyone wants to ask. This baby is ADORED... and that's putting it lightly!

After the other boys go to bed, Sam usually gets about 30 minutes on the floor with Daddy- they discuss their day and solve the world's problems while I run around and pick up and hop in the shower. His hair is still a hit to all those we meet- and after every bath, it stands straight out like a new fluffy puppy. He doesn't mind his baths, he'll do a nice stint in the swing, usually around dinner prep, he's a great car rider, loves his momsoncall.com swaddle and schedule, and prefers to be on his tummy... which is hard for his rule follower of a mom!

And in his first month of life, Sam has already been to the pool a couple times... he slept right through it! He's taken several trips to the park... he slept right through that too. And he even had his first overnight across town with mommy. We had the hotel room to ourselves, and a weekend with the girls to hear Beth Moore and "get a word"-- it was awesome- and he slept right through that too!

This is how much stuff it takes for me and Sam to go across town for one night....
Isn't he cute sleeping in a hotel... and not waking up extra because he's in a weird place... good baby!
Plus, I got a whole weekend with just holding him and cuddling him- I enjoyed having one baby for 24 hours although we missed the others by the time we got back home! And then, Sam also went to his first Braves game this weekend, when they squeaked out another win in the 10th inning- he's a fan!

Check out the play by play...

Sam's Birthday:

1 Week Old:

2 Weeks Old:

3 Weeks Old:

4 Weeks Old:

1 Month Old:

Baby Sam, you're the perfect addition to our family! We love you more than words allow and are so thankful that God saw it fit to bless our family with you-- couldn't ask for anything more!

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