Friday, October 26, 2012

29 Years Young

When you get old, you know, like a mom, birthdays tend to take a turn for the worst. The focus is less on you and more on things like "life" and the fact that your birthday is in fact NOT a national holiday. You are still responsible for your children and your mortgage and such, despite the month long mental celebration.

And I would like to say that I was mentally prepared for this to be the case. But none of that happened...

You see, Thursday night, my mom came and got my kids and I went to dinner with my college roommate from out of state and Anna, our other roommate. The boys spent the night with my parents, so me and Chad got to sleep in ON my birthday! We slept in.... until 7:26. Seriously. Darn it! Luckily we did lay there longer and pretend to sleep more like the good ole days.

My breakfast consisted of a homemade birthday cake that my mom had dropped off the night before, and then I got my nails done...

Then Danielle and Molly treated me to a yummy lunch...

And then I went to Renew Day Spa for a treat from my husband... A 90 minute massage, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

And then I went to the mall and got myself some new shoes... You know, a present to me, from me, and then I got some fro yo with Oreos and Butterfinger, but it didn't count as bad calories or anything because it was on top of yogurt.

And I did all this without loading anybody in and out of the car!

And then my 29th birthday was wrapped up with dinner at Pappasitos with my parents and brother and we got our boys back. YUM! (this is my first birthday since my parents moved back to GA, I'm still soooooo thankful for that!)

Oh and did I mention that I also got tons of phone calls, texts, tweets, Facebook messages, and even birthday song videos. And birthday money to save up for my future awesome camera that I'm wanting :)

What a day, folks :) Bottomline? I'm so very blessed-- my thankful list is miles long! And just because you're a mom doesn't mean a thing- I was loved to pieces all day long!

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