Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cancel ALL Productivity

Today I cancelled all productivity. It wasn't even a thought in my head upon waking up, but as things got going, it became a must. We kept our pj's on for an extra long time, Gabe didn't even wake up until 9:30 and didn't eat breakfast until 10... which made the little guys think they needed a second breakfast. We all put on sweat pants and t-shirts for the day... once we actually got out of our pajamas, and we made it to noon without brushing our teeth.

This is the first time in a long time where I actually sat down with my kids and did what they did... we had Disney Junior on all morning, I helped them skate on the rug, they messed all my pillows and coasters and scattered them around the living room, and I didn't even pick them up. We played games with shapes and patterns and my favorite part was of course the cuddling which I never have "time" for on a normal day... because who can stop laundry and kitchen cleaning and picking up and running errands and such?

And I just couldn't help but to love it-- I got to watch their cute faces and hear their laughs right next to my ears... not from across the room or across the house as I ran around making order. Instead, ordering myself to sit and bask was just what this super pregnant mama needed. I am so full. They are so fun. My house is such a wreck. And I canNOT wait for baby to arrive.

I suppose that while they're napping, I should try to regain some order and potentially think through dinner, because as odd as it sounds, Chad does like to eat most evenings-- picky picky! And this morning will probably cause more work in the long haul, but let's just say it was totally worth it and that's an understatement. The pace has been easy going and relaxed all day... everyone seems to have an extra bounce in their steps, a little more mischief in their eyes, and brighter smiles on their faces-- even more than normal. Gabe is still leisurely finishing his school work, and Max and Jack are snug under blankets in their own beds... I even caught a 20 minute catnap with Max... ahhhh, refreshing!

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