Saturday, November 2, 2013

Awards Day...

On Monday morning, while I was getting the boys fed, Chad said that my phone was ringing from a number I didn't know... a few minutes later my voicemail beeped and it was a little Gabe voice saying 

"Hey. It's me. Today is awards day and I forgot to tell you. I'd really like it if you could be there. Thanks bye."
Ummmm.... so around 1pm, me and my 3 little people showed up at Gabe's school, OBVIOUSLY, because who wouldn't after that??

Now let me tell you, it's less than ideal to take a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and a baby into that AT NAP TIME.... yucko. But luckily Laura from our church was there and made sure Jack didn't fall off the chair and crack his head open :) And I may have let them eat 3-4 pieces of candy. Each.

But it was all worth it because Gabe received 2 great awards...
Perfect attendance:

And Honor roll!

This is a really cool awards thing that his school does every 9 weeks- and I loved what the principal said-- she said "you all are my 5th graders, so when I call your name, you come up and give me a good hand shake, look me in the eye and say thanks". I love that she is worried about teaching them this stuff- because honestly, we care WAY more about that than grades anyway!

We also had Gabe's conference last week and he got rave reviews-- more than once, his two teachers said "Oh, we love our Gabe!" And they spoke about him being kind and helpful and aware of his classmates. Oh my heart-- way to go Gabe-- those are the compliments and comments that make us so so proud of you!

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